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Len: Not Grown On Trees, You Know.

...a repeatedly benevolent factor.

[A walk is not always a walk] [Len, Goldy]
One of the upsides to being planetside, and one that Leonard was planning on taking full advantage of, was the ability to go for a walk somewhere that wasn't just the same old repetitive brightness of cool corridors. He had always enjoyed a nice, solitary ramble, something which hadn't come all that easily with increasing fame, unfortunately. Here, though, there were no fans likely to jump upon him and ask him for an autograph, and on his latest excursion Leonard had discovered that the buildings closest to the shoreline were vaguely reminiscent of the Mediterranean: all whitewashed facades and climbing flowers, quiet and (of course) impeccably neat little alleys and passageways.

Perhaps he would take Nyota here, when she got back to him.

If that thought hadn't been slightly distracting him when he ran into Bill, returning from his visit to Tina, on his way out, he might have noticed something a little odd about him. Something in the way that their rather brief kiss in passing was yet also somehow intensely passionate, something about the unusual flush to his cheeks, something about his insistence to get back inside and not join him. But neither of the former signs were all that unusual, and Bill had said he'd caught too much sun, which made eminent sense given the temperatures around here.

Which was undoubtedly why he was feeling quite hot himself, now, as he walked down the evenly paved streets. As for the low undercurrent of arousal... well. If the kiss itself hadn't been enough temporary incentive for that, the fact that he was still waiting on Nyota to get back to him surely was - he was simply no longer used to that ever-present tension that came with a new relationship in its developing stages.

There was nothing unusual about the way he felt. For now.

[LJ post]
i baked for you a CAKE
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Follow-on PSA [LJ post]
fuck this shit!

I think it is safe to say that I wasn't entirely myself when I made that last post. Apparently, replicated bananas come with substituted amphetamines, these days.

Damnit, I knew those machines weren't to be trusted.

I think I have sent messages to anyone that was directly affected by my brain on crack, but should I have excluded any of you for some reason, please consider this to be an apology in its place.

Anyone fancy regaling me with their own tales of embarassing situations?

...nope, didn't think so.

'Apologies' [Private communications]
fuck this shit!
After Bill had left, Leonard managed to get another hour or so of the weirdest sleep he could remember having - he had always been a light sleeper, but this was more like floating on the edges of awareness than sleeping.

In the end, he gave up, still feeling more than a little worn out, but equally wide-awake. Oh well, it was probably best to get on those messages sooner rather than later. He mourned the lack of coffee briefly - he sure as hell wouldn't have trusted any the replicator spat out, now, even in its non-broken state - but perhaps it was for the best; his brain had surely dealt with enough unnatural chemical intervention for one day.

In any case, the sooner he got this out of the way, the faster the lingering embarrassment was bound to evaporate.

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Private to Maintenance DepartmentCollapse )

Private to Christine ChapelCollapse )

Private to Jim KirkCollapse )

Private to science_bluesCollapse )

Private to Tina ChapelCollapse )

Private to Nyota Uhura; alternate versionCollapse )

Well. That was that, then. Now where was a rock when you needed one?

[Crack bananas are made of crack?] [Len, T'Vau, ?]
[OOC - fits into wobble time, whenever is most convenient. Have some plans for this, but feel free to drop in!]

To a casual observer, the ear-splitting grin that spread across Leonard's face as he hit post might have been somewhat alarming for its manic edge. He, however, remained blissfully unaware of this fact. The world, after all, was shiny, and whilst that banana had been surprisingly excellent for replicated food - clearly, he'd been far too suspicious of those machines - pie was a necessity. Or something equally delicious. Cookies? Milkshakes?

He would figure this out, on the way. First, there were some equally crucial deliveries to make.

It took a little longer than he'd expected, though none of the odd looks he received on the way quite penetrated the haze - he was thankfully focussed enough on his task to avoid hugging each passing crewmember, though every person in his remote vicinity received an overly bright smile. The world was simply... fantastic, and he was floating on air.

These walls were really very bright, blindingly so, enough to interrupt his path to the mess hall, as he halted in front of one of them, stroked down its unnaturally smooth surface with his hand, shaking his head in joyous amazement.

"Lensflare," he muttered under his breath, almost reverently. "Now why did I never think of that? Stroke of genius."

The only problem with the walls, he reflected seriously, was that they were far too... naked. This, however, could be easily remidied - the replicator in the nearest rec room handed over a can of red spray paint without trouble.

Leonard set to work with utter concentration and swiftness, moving along with a swiftness that, as coincidence would have it, prevented anyone from witnessing the vandalism in process.

Not that he considered it such. It had a message; therefore it fell under the definition of art.

Gifts left outside personal quarters, excepting the actor's suite:

Bill/De: Leather collar; jar of rose jam sitting inside it
Jim/Spock: Lesbian porn vid, note attached reading YOU = INFINITELY HOTTER
Tina: High-heeled shoes with unicorn pattern
fSpock: Glow-in-the-dark strap-on, plus bondage cuffs with faerie lights, note reading Since you don't like the dark...
TOS!Uhura: Thigh-high stockings plus suspenders. With BUTTONS.
Christine: Bunch of yellow roses - buds at ninety degree angles to stems, suspicious aroma of catfood - evidently replicator had given up the ghost, by then.

PSA [LJ post]
This is a Crucial and Very Important Announcement for everyone aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (wow, I mean... wow!), one I cannot withold any longer, for it NEEDS to be EXPRESSED!

YOU GUYS! I MEAN, HONESTLY, YOU GUYS, ALL OF YOU! YES, YOU! It is imperative you understand this! Oceans may rise and fall, moons may careen out of orbit, stars may explode...

... no, wait, this calls for Shakespeare! Obviously! (NEED MOAR BARD, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!)

Doubt thou the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun doth move (oh well, nobody's perfect, except for how you aRE)
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt...

I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!1!!!!1!!!

NO, HONESTLY, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FANTASTIC YOU ARE, EVEN? HOW AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT IS THIS SHIP? I MEAN... THINK ABOUT IT, WE ARE... IN SPACE!!!! And we ahven't even exploded! We are intact and there is air to breathe and food to eat mmmmm that banana was really nice and replicators may not be evil after all, I mean, futuristic blue-tack, come on, how impressive is that?!! - but I digress, what was I talking about? Oh you, all of you and the fact that you are running this silver lady so smoothly and beautifully and my commendations and LOVE to whoever pilots this thing because we haven't hit a star yet... and just... AIR. I mean. AIR. I love the air, too, it's amazing when you really think about it, isn't it? And everything, everything around ehre is SHINY, as are ALL OF YOU.



I could sit here all day, I am so overflowing with love for you all, De, precious De, and Jim and SPock and Tina and Christine and Spock and oh, EVERYONE.

BILL, I LOVE YOU MOST OF ALL. I LEFT YOU A PRESENT, And I would stay and tell you all some more hw much I love you, but I also LOVe PIE, so I must GET SOME. AND THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT. Love, I eman, not get, that would be silly, tremendously so.


Here be landmines. [Len, Tina]
I disapprove
Leonard was not, by and large, prone towards telling his friends what they should or shouldn't do. Concerned protectiveness, certainly, but excepting situations like the one they had found themselves in with De, his approach was usually that of a supportive listener, ready to give his views when they seemed wanted, equally aware of the need not to encroach on places that weren't any of his business.

But Spock's not entirely unsurprising revelation about Jim wasn't a matter that could easily be discarded, and if nothing else, Tina had a right to know, they had a duty to inform.

Didn't make it any easier to attempt to find the right way to put this to her without crossing that invisible line, somewhere. Especially not in consideration of the fact that clearly her friendship with Jim wasn't all smooth-sailing at the moment. Leonard had some suspicions as to why that might be, though he'd steered his thoughts away from arriving at any presumptive conclusions - but it was difficult not to wonder.

In the end, his message was brief, and functional; best to navigate the more treacherous territory in person.


Hope you've been holding up alright? I'm sorry if this catches you at an inconvenient time, but I really need to speak to you about something... important.

Any chance we could meet? Wherever works best for you, so long as it's private.


FAO Jim [LJ post]
what&#39;s a leonard nimoy?
Apropos of our recent conversation re: fame, this seemed appropriate to share.

Memes, extended.
me and bill smirk
Since that seduction style test that everyone and their dog has been doing around this ship decided to present me with the following result:

...I decided since I'm obviously such a depraved, sinful individual, I might as well present you all with a percentage for my depravity. For science.


Your ACL 400 Point Purity Test Results

You answered "yes" to 261 of 400 questions, making you 34.8% sexually pure (65.2% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 34.8% pure in the sex domain.

Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 30%, based on a comparison of your test results with 120808 other submissions for this test.

The average purity for this test is 65.3%.

Test here, commentary encouraged!

Waiting is half the fun? [Len & Bill]
This time, it was Leonard who was waiting for Bill to return, after he had gone to meet Jim, ostensibly for a manly, entirely platonic affair.

Jim might be unaware of the real purpose behind the visit, but the thing was, Leonard decidedly wasn't.

In fact, his awareness of Bill's... intentions was proving to be more than a little distracting, and not in an entirely unpleasant way; with the newfound knowledge of what Jim looked like, sounded like, in his female form, it took little to put together a mental image that perhaps should have induced jealousy, and yet did nothing of the sort.

Once upon a time, he knew, he would have been jealous, but somewhere along the line - and heavily influenced by Susan, without a doubt - the fear that provoked it had melted away, and left only anticipation, imagination and their inevitable consequences.

Distracting though it was, Leonard much preffered things this way.

And so he waited.


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